The Australian Council of Human Rights Authorities statement on issues affecting people with disabilities

Interesting reading in regards education reference and I note the direct comment – “All authorities continue to receive complaints on issues that are clearly covered by the Disability Standards for Education 2005 (Cth).”

The Australian Council of Human Rights Authorities (ACHRA), which comprises the State, Territory and Federal human rights and discrimination authorities, met in this week to consider a number of issues of common concern and interest. A primary focus of the meeting is the continuing, systemic and serious barriers to equality of opportunity for people with disability across Australia.

The Authorities identified the following issues, which require urgent and sustained attention:

  • barriers to employment and work opportunities, including a failure to implement  adjustments;
  • barriers to the built environment and, as a result, limits on community participation;
  • barriers to justice and equal protection before the law;
  • negative attitudes towards people with disability that impact in all areas of life; and
  • barriers to education, particularly at the compulsory school level.

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