Disability Forum Wodonga Council – session 2


Working the Map


Today, (15 September)  local community leaders in the Wodonga and Albury region met for part two of the ‘Leave No One behind’ disability forum. The series of three workshopping events is all about identifying and actioning collective impact   solutions, focusing on having a more inclusive community – specifically those community members and services affected by or impacted by disability. (http://www.collaborationforimpact.com/collective-impact/)

In this session (30 +) attendees gathered in groups to work through the cause and effect map as compiled by the facilitators from Deakin University from session 1. Given that the problems are highly complex, integrated across many sectors and never static everyone’s input was very much appreciated. This really is about local people finding local solutions.

Working in groups of 8, attendees sifted through the categories of services, transport, education, employment and community and social life. This was a chance for adding anything extra that may have been missed. It was great to hear many robust and in depth conversations that arose during the process.

Before moving forward we were reminded of the systems thinking process – http://donellameadows.org/systems-thinking-resources/

With everyone on the same page we than moved into identifying actions or, ‘activating our specific lever for change’. Using an action idea template, individually we put forward our ideas that were then prioritized into order of action bearing in mind the two ends of the same stick – is it feasible and secondly how effective is it?

With the ideas put forward and posted it was time to indicate your individual area of interest or  activity that you would like to participate in. I am very much looking forward to part 3 scheduled for the 27th of October where the real work commences. I note how timely this will be given the soon to happen review of the Albury Wodonga Disability Sector Network strategic plan.

Send me a message if you would like to be involved.


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